A Better Body for a Better You at Da Vinci Clinic

Every single day, you work extra hard to stick to a healthy diet and exercise on a regular basis just to look and feel your best. However, there are times when, in spite of all your efforts, it can still be very difficult to achieve that perfect body you have always wanted and dreamed of. At Da Vinci Clinic, you can get the help you need to transform into a new and better you through the different services meant to target different body issues and concerns.

Da Vinci Clinic

Body Contouring

Da Vinci Clinic uses laser lipolysis method to refine body shape through getting rid of excess fats located on the arm, double chin, chest, thigh, buttock, and tummy to create an improved body line and shape. It is even possible to reduce your oversized calf with the use of Botox injection. Go to https://www.davinciclinic.com.my to have a free consultation with their skin specialist.

Breast Augmentation  at Da Vinci Clinic

The breast size of a woman has a direct correlation to her social prestige and sexual attractiveness. At Da Vinci Clinic, you can achieve the size and shape you want for your body with the help of the safest and latest FDA-approve technique.

Breast augmentation can also be performed using filler injection for fast and quick results. Most of time, after a major change in weight, nursing, pregnancy, or because of the natural aging process, the breasts can reduce in size, with gravity taking its toll.

A breast augmentation surgery can offer any woman with both physical and psychological advantages. Women who opt for breast augmentation can enjoy fuller and firmer breasts which are properly proportioned to their body, resulting to a more appealing figure. This new look will improve the confidence of a woman.

Buttock Enhancement

Buttock enhancement is basically the procedure that enhances and reshapes your gluteal area, giving you with shapelier and uplifted buttock profile. In the past 10 years, this procedure became famous across the globe with shapely buttocks frequently seen as a symbol of sensuality and femininity. Your swimwear and clothes will fit better. Your buttocks will also be uplifted, rounder, and firmer to create a more curvaceous and youthful look.

Vagina Rejuvenation

It is also referred to as Designer Vagina Creation, vagina rejuvenation can tighten the vagina. It became a popular option for many women. For those who want to re-contouring after giving birth, aging, significant weight loss or genital or injury structures, vagina rejuvenation provides increased comfort and self-confidence.

Hair Removal

Hair removal is actually the most common aesthetic concerns around the world and concerns both women and men. The permanent reduction or removal of unwanted hair by laser light depends on selective photothermolysis. If the right laser light’s wavelength is applied to the hair in treatment areas, melanin absorbs the light that’s converted to heat energy. In turn, it destroys hair follicles making hair grow finer and less. You can get hair removal treatment at Da Vinci Clinic.

Sweat Reduction

Sweat Reduction

Sweat reduction can be reduced by preventing the release of the chemical that signals the sweat gland to be active. Da Vinci Clinic offers the procedure to injecting Botox on hyper-hydrosis area on the required part, typically feet, underarm, and palm.